Update 3.1.1 — Patch Notes

Greetings commanders.

This patch is the first to be delivered through our new patching process. This process will allow us to react faster to your concerns while still creating great content. In this patch, we've addressed your concerns about an unintended buff to missile units, the changes to caltrops and we're introducing a new Dynamic Mixing system (alongside other audio improvements), which we've shared the details of below.

Balance changes:

Missile Units

In the last patch, we increased the accuracy of missile units. Our goal was to give ranged players much more control over their missiles and reduce the amount of frustration caused by friendly fire. Our initial data shows that we have achieved this goal, reducing friendly fire damage at all tiers.

However, this, combined with other changes, resulted in an unintended shift in power for ranged units. Low-armoured units, particularly Barbarian infantry, were the most affected by this shift. This began to become apparent during the PTS stage, but the sheer number of changes in 3.1.0 meant that we needed a bit more time to sort through the consequences and come up with an appropriate solution.

We’ve made a series of three changes intended to rein back the power of long-range missiles, particularly against light infantry, while preserving the reduction in friendly fire.

  • Firstly and most importantly, we’ve reduced the overall missile damage of archers and slingers by around 10%. In practice, this results in a damage reduction against the most lightly-armoured infantry of around 20%.

However, in order to reduce missile damage enough to improve the situation for lightly-armoured infantry, we risked making missiles incapable of dealing damage to heavily armoured units, even when attacking their rear. This eliminated much of the incentive for missiles to flank and made shooting into melee from behind allies too viable a tactic. As a result, we have made a second set of changes:

  • The Missile Block of all melee infantry has been increased, with the target of reducing frontal missile damage taken by around 8%. As Missile Block scales exponentially in effectiveness, this also makes all consumables and equipment items that increase Missile Block slightly more powerful.
  • We’ve slightly increased (2-3 points) in the AP damage of archers and slingers.

These two changes will reduce the effectiveness of attacking from the front but will ensure that ranged units are rewarded for taking risky flanking manoeuvres.

This should make all units – particularly lightly-armoured units - more resistant to missile fire overall, while still allowing ranged units to deal fair damage if well-placed.


In 3.1.0 we implemented some changes to make caltrops easier to use. As with ranged, we made several changes to counterbalance this: reducing their speed debuff, introducing a short wind-up time and reducing the degree to which they could linger on the battlefield.

However, your feedback has made it clear that this was insufficient, so we’re introducing another change:

  • Units will briefly stop when dropping caltrops

This change should make it easier for skilled pursuers to identify when caltrops are being deployed and react accordingly.

Audio changes:

Dynamic Mixing system

This patch sees the introduction of our Dynamic Mixing system. This system tries to determine which elements of the game are contextually most important for you at any given time and makes room for them in the soundscape.

For example: when looking at your units, the sounds around them in the 3D space are lowered slightly in volume, so their actions cut through the battle mix more than enemy units of a similar type. Additional layers of emphasis are put in place when your unit is selected or has just received an order. This increases your connection to the units you're currently controlling. Additionally, the system identifies threats and creates space in the mix for the appropriate sounds.

In this first iteration, incoming enemy charges are identified and given different amounts of emphasis, depending on whether yourself or an ally is being charged.

Alongside this system, we have undergone a full...

Audio Remix

This remix has been focused on cleaning up the soundscape while adding definition and clarity. HDR (high dynamic range) audio functionality has been introduced, which allows certain louder sounds (catapult impacts, elephant vocalisations and hits, …) to relatively lower the volume of quieter sounds instead of simply playing on top of the full mix. This creates a more consistent mix, making the listening experience more pleasant and less fatiguing, which is especially valuable during longer play sessions.


  • Fixed the problem when disconnecting while watching a live game will reach timeout and pause
  • The Commander link icon now appears when secondary selecting the first unit card
  • The delayed HP bar animation is no longer out of sync between the enemy unit in the world info panel and on the unit identifier
  • A selected units HP bar in the world info panel will now drop to 0 when it is killed
  • Enemy unit cards are no longer visible even when the unit itself is not or vice versa
  • Temporary ban system messages should now tell you how long the ban lasts and why it was given
  • Fixed a rare bug where teams did not have 10 players on each side
  • Fixed various issues around fetching battle results after booting into the game
  • Active Consumables that have charges now display that in the frontend
  • Two Greek Pike units were missing the Formed Movement icon in their 'Abilities and Attributes'
  • Carthage swords now have access to the Tusked Shield cosmetic
  • Flaming Snipe has been replaced with Snipe (cosmetic change only) so it doesn't deactivate when you select a target with Focus Fire
  • Focus Fire tooltip now mentions that it resets reload timers
  • Hovering over AOE abilities with more than one unit selected will only display the AOE ring around applicable units.
  • Fixed two grammatical issues with Tier 10 Barbarian units Archers of Ullr and Decebalus Guard
  • Webshop Premium Units have the correct colour channels on their units cards in the 'Congratulations' panel
  • Fixed a Replay Desync bug during cloud replays.
  • Changing any options in the Frontend will no longer automatically reset camera type to Classic
  • The units in your squad now update correctly in a private lobby
  • Custom battles can now be created straight after the completion of another custom battle
  • Custom battles no longer affect profile stats.
  • Custom games will no longer consume the daily commander victory bonus.
  • Drop caltrops can no longer be spammed, locking the units into the animation when unable to deploy caltrops
  • Dropping caltrops while break ranks is active now stops all entities from moving

If you wish to discuss these changes, head over to our Subreddit or Discord, and be sure to check out our bi-weekly Developer Newsletter for news about what's coming up.

Until next time Commanders, we'll see you on the battlefield.

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