The Total War: ARENA Levy—First Rewards Granted


Greetings, commander!

The players who invited their friends to Total War: ARENA have already received their rewards of 1,250 Gold! Haven't participated yet? What are you waiting for? The next distribution of rewards will be held in two weeks! Read the rules below to learn more.

War cries and the clash of iron dominate the infinite battlefields of Total War: ARENA, and you are the one who valiantly rushes into the fiercest fights. However, we believe that even the bravest warriors could use the support of their unfailing friends.


We’re announcing a levy! The most dedicated ARENA players will receive 5 invite codes via email. They will give you a chance to muster new recruits for battle. Please note that the codes can only be used by those who are going to create a new WG account or play Total War: ARENA for the first time.

Every new player who activates the code will receive:

— 500 Gold

— 50,000 Silver

— 15,000 Free XP

— 7 days of Premium Account.

You all know that fighting together can be more rewarding (and not just because of the +10% Unit XP bonus for playing in a party), but there is even more to it: if at least one invitee reaches Tier IV, you will receive 1,250 Gold.

Team up with friends and crush your enemies together! See you in battle!


Q: When you say that my recruit needs to reach Tier IV, which tier is meant exactly: unit, commander, or account?
A: You will get the reward as soon as your recruit plays at least 1 battle with a Tier IV unit.

Q: Does my recruit need to create a new WG account in case they already have one?
A: If your recruit has a WG account and they had never logged into TWA, they do not need to create another one. The codes will work.

Q: When do I get my reward?
A: We will grant rewards every other week.

Q: For how long is this program going to last?
A: The program will be active for three months.

Q: If 5 of my friends reach Tier IV, do I get 1,250 Gold for each of them?
A: No, you only get the reward for one recruit.

Q: I received a code from my friend, downloaded and launched the game, and tried to activate the code. It doesn’t work as I’ve already logged into the game and it’s an invite code. What can I do?

A: Please contact Customer Support. If your account was created in less than 48 hours before contacting Support, they will manually grant the in-game values to you and tie the code to your account.

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