Nubian Archers join the battlefield!


Nubian Archers are joining the fight in update 3.1. Take them into combat to surprise your enemies with new strategies and learn what you need to know to face them in ARENA.

The first Carthaginian archers are rapidly approaching the battlefield, straight from the Kingdom of Kush. Nubian Archers, a Tier IV Premium unit, have their mobility surpassed only by their Barbarian counterparts and can be pushed even further through Hannibal’s Forced March ability. These lightly armored archers have respectable range and damage, but they are not trained to perform scouting duties. Hasdrubal can also put these Nubians to good use, granting them mobility bursts through Flying Column as well as offering gold out of his Deep Pockets to bolster friendly troops.

Nubian Archers eng
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