Community Events recap #1


Welcome to our first recap of our Community Events.

The Total war: ARENA community has been buzzing with activity since we announced Open beta. Our players have already organized three different tournaments, plus a mini-tournament held by a school for their students. If you missed any of them, here is a breakdown of everything that has been going on in February and March 2018.

SUNTZU Invitational I

February started with the only EU tournament organized during Closed Beta: SUNTZU Invitational I, held on February 17th. This closed-entry tournament pit select groups of experienced players against each other. With a total of four teams facing up in high-level game play, team Praetorian came out victorious.

You can check out the full matches with commentary in this link, or directly jump to the highlights of the tournament in this video

Pole 3D discovers Total War: ARENA

The French School of Art and Design Pole 3D organized a Total War: ARENA introduction day for their students, culminating with a mini tournament on March 8th. The pupils were given the opportunity to learn about the game with a short presentation, then get their hands on mice and keyboards for a full day. Some of the pictures from their Facebook page tell us this was a pretty fun day to be in school.

Lifestream Gaming Tournament

Our First Open Beta EU tournament took place on March 17th and gathered 16 teams of 5 players each. During this first competitive event since the game opened to the wider public, we saw some names emerge from teams showing great skill in battle. Congratulations to the SUNTZU Polish team for their victory.

LSG tournament Top 3:

  1. SUNTZU Polish
  2. Legio XIII
  3. Ultimo Estandarte / SUNTZU international

SoulWings tournament

The second Open Beta EU tournament was held on March 23rd with 26 teams registered, each counting 5 players, for a whopping total of 130 participants. This time, SUNTZU was defeated in the finals by underdog team [AP] Aquila Polonica, who had placed 11th in the previous tournament. Congratulations to this challenger for their victory!

SoulWings tournament Top 3:

  1. [AP] Aquila Polonica
  3. Eastern Slavians / Vae Victis

Open Beta is just starting, and we still have much more in store for you. Keep an eye out for the Community Forge articles on Friday to hear about upcoming Community events.

Are you thinking of organizing your own event? We’d love to hear from you. You can reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, or DiscordDiscord.

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